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Feel Energized & Refreshed with a Spring Cleanse

Spring is here. You can feel the spring breeze in the air and the days getting longer. We start to put our winter clothing  away and pull out some of the lighter clothing. We spend more time out-doors. Spring is a season of change where we let go of the old, welcome the new.

Contributor Dr Fei Yang
By Dr. Fei Yang, Dr. TCM, Reg. AC

Spring cleanse is common tradition in many cultures, from house cleaning to garage sale, from change to a lighter diet to an herbal medicinal cleanse. After a long winter, some of us start to put on weight or feel slow and sluggish. And spring is the time to shake off the unwanted through a spring cleanse.

According to Traditional Chinese medicine, spring is the season of the liver/gall-bladder which relates to the flavor of sour (lemon, lime) and color of green (green leafy veggies). A spring cleanse will help the body to increase energy and mental clarity. Also, will gain motivation and bring awareness toward to a healthy eating and living in general.

A spring cleanse with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has the following process:

  • An in-depth TCM diagnosis to find out the body balance level (i.e., internal organ function, energetic level, PH level)
  • Cleanse—rejuvenation is a process of detoxify and enhance nutrition to the body
  • Diet change to support the cleanse in order to achieve the best result
  • Balance the body, strengthen the core and important organ function, and energy, improve immune system

Take precautions to avoid complications, if you are thinking of doing a cleanse by yourself. Consider your digestive condition, age, and stress level. Stop the cleanse if you feel sick.

It’s spring and time to wake the body up from the long winter! Move into spring this year with an abundance of energy!

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